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Slash 2 Printer

LCD Stereolithography

Slash 2 is the latest version of the highly successful Slash Plus, higher resolution, faster speed and best in class build volumes, makes it the ideal professional SLA Printer.

Equipped with the latest features, improvements and accessories, the SLASH 2 delivers a 3D printing experience that is faster, more precise, and more reliable than any other device of its class. The 8.9 inch 4K UHD LCD screen rests at the heart of the Slash 2 enabling a stunning accuracy of 49.8µm uniformly across a large build volume 192 x 120 x 200 mm. Consumer friendly and reliable, the screen is more durable and easy to replace than ever.

Dedicated light array which has more LED Bulbs for better light uniformity. The all new adjustable build platform is being introduced along the Slash 2, providing an easy way to re-balance and align the build plate with the screen. Leading to more reliability and more successful prints. With this new tool the re-calibration takes less time and lasts longer than before.

Equipped with intelligent heat management system , less heat throttling means faster speed by patented liquid cooling technology. By beating all the SLA competitors.

Slash 2 Printer Parameter
PRINTING TECHNOLOGY: LCD stereolithography
BUILD VOLUME: 192 x 120 x 200 or 7.5” x 4.7” x 4.9”
LAYER THICKNESS (Z RESOLUTION): 1 0. 25. TO, US. 100, 150, 200, 300 µm profile customizable
PRINTING SPEED: Up to 200 mm/hr
SEPARATION MECHANISM SUPPORT: Polymer film natural peel , up to100x more durable than PDMS, cUDP ready
SYSTEM REQUIREMENT : Windows 7 and Hp (G4-bit only), Mac OS X 10.7 and up [64-bit only], 16GBRAM,OpenGL2.1,DiscreteGraphics
ADVANCED FEATURES : Multi-printer management Built in advanced model repair Ultra Large file support (1GB+)
SEPARATION MECHANISM : Automatic level control


Digital dentistry refers to diagnosis, design, treatment and information tracing by computer technology and aided equipment, among which CAD/CAM technology, the computer aided design and computer aided machining, is a kind of digital dentistry technology that are widely applied to dental restoration.


By using 3D digital and 3D printing technology, the transformation from traditional production model to digital and rapid jewelry production solution in jewelry industry could be realized.

General Engineering

When engineering challenging designs, 3D printing let’s you try new prototypes, address problems and find solutions as you go, all in a matter of hours. It also allows you to work with complex internal structures and geometries, something traditional methods just can’t offer.


From making prototypes to making complete games, today miraculous things are being done with 3D Printing. Gaming and 3D printing come together in a variety of ways, from the creation of board game and tabletop RPG pieces to a myriad of video game-focused projects, including a video game-inspired prosthetic arm as well as a prosthetic hand with its own onboard video game.


Casting is one of the areas which first identified the advantages of 3D Printing. Infact, one major application of Stereo Lithography (SLA) is in Vacuum casting. This doesn’t mean Investment casting doesn’t find a place.

Research & Development

Research & Development is a very crucial part of many industries as well as markets, it has its own benefits. Manufacturers and firms need to ensure that their products constantly evolve and meet the ongoing trends, changing market demands, challenging competition, varying consumer requirements and at the same time be cost efficient.


3D printing is used to produce detailed architecture models. Rather than relying on the past methods for creating models of buildings, it’s possible to convert standard CAD models used to design structures into 3D-printable files.

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