3D Scanner/3D Digitizing Solution

RobotScan E0505 Robot Automatic 3D Scanning System

High-Precision 3D Inspection Scanner

SHINING 3D´s intelligent robot automatic 3D inspection system, RobotScan E0505, integrates the blue light high-accuracy industrial 3D scanning technology with the unique intelligent inspection technology to complete the whole scanning process through “one click”, thus greatly improving the inspection efficiency.

Full Size Inspection

Obtain complete point cloud data through 3D scanning, thus making the full-size inspect.on possible.

Mass Automatic Inspection

Conduct mass automatic inspection after the same workpiece has been programmed once.

Fast Measurement Speed and Wide Range of Applications

The single measurement speed can reach up to 0.3 seconds, and can scan dark and general reflective objects without spray powder.

Blue Light Technology

Adopts the blue light 3D scanning technology,which can effectively prevent metal reflection so as to improve the scanning quality.

High Safety

The system is equipped with the optimal robot with extremely high safety protection.

High Environment Adaptability

The system is compact, occupies a small area.


Perform mass inspection of the measured parts:

  • Output report for testing the quality of the parts.
  • Output the error of the whole area or designated area, the error can be imported into the third party software, robot provides the real-time guidance for the finishing processing of the online parts .

RobotScan E0505 Robot Automatic 3D Scanning System Parameter
3D Scanner-Sensor : 2 x 5 Million Pixels
3D Scanner-Single Scan Range : 320*240mm2
3D Scanner-Point Distance : 0.16mm
3D Scanner-Grating Generator : Blue light technology
3D Scanner-Output Data Format : .asc, .stl, .obj
3D Scanner-Scanner Weight : 3.2kg
3D Scanner-Scan Speed : ≤ 1.5 s
3D Scanner-Single Shot Accuracy : ≤ 0.015mm
3D Scanner-Scan Mode : Non-contact Scan
3D Scanner-Dimensions ((L*W*H) : 440*240*120mm
Robot-Degrees Of Freedom : 6 rotating joints
Robot-Working Radius : 850mm
Robot-Movement : +/-360°
Robot-Power Supply : 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Robot-Weight With Cable : 18.4kg
Robot-TCP Speed : 1 m/s
Robot-Repeatability : +/-0.01mm
Robot-Load : 5kg
Robot-Max Speed: 180°/s
Robot-IP Classification: IP54
Robot-Control Box Weight: 15kg

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