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Redefine the Digital Dentistry -
UNIZ is proud to introduce the NBEE to the orthodontic community to meet the needs of industry leaders requiring advanced tools for treatment planning.

With speed, accuracy, and reliability, the NBEE has all the killer features to make extraordinary strides in the dental market.

The NBEE provides oral and dental specialists with unfathomable precision, effective work flow and easy adaptation in digital dentistry.

Leading Innovator

New Record Speed
  • 6 Dental Models in 5 Minutes
High Accuracy

  • 50 um pixel, 95% Uniformity
Supreme Reliability
  • Patented High Efficiency Liquid Cooling LCD-SLA
  • 24/7 Non-stop Printing

Highly Efficient And Easy Printing

The World's Fastest Dental Slicing Software
  • Easy and Comprehensive Dental Model Processing
  • Dentists and Technicians Friendly
Multiple Control Modes
  • Flash Drive, WiFi, LAN, Flexible Deployment

NBEE 3D Printer Parameter
Printing Technology: Liquid Cooling LCD Stereolithography
Build Volume: 192 × 120 × 180 mm 7.5" × 4.7" × 7.1"
XY Resolution: 50 μm
Maximum Accuracy: ±0.05 mm
Layer Thickness(Z Resolution)0.025-0.15 mm
Separation Mechanism: Micro-Stereo High Speed Peel
Optical SystemHigh Uniformity Collimate Light Engine

ISLA-450 Pro 3D Printer
High Efficiency Liquid Cooling
  • Maintain System Temperature Below 40℃
  • Prolong LCD Life over 5000 Hours

Micro-Stereo Composite Film

  • Patent Pending Low Force Stereo Peel Technology

ISLA-450 Pro 3D Printer
High Power Collimated Light Source
  • 12 mw/cm² High Power, 95% Uniformity

ISLA-450 Pro 3D Printer
Resin Temperature Control System
  • Maintain Optimal Reaction Temp

ISLA-450 Pro 3D Printer
Anticoll High Performance Server
  • Closed-loop Motor Control for High Precision Peeling

NBEE Printer Gallery
ISLA-450 Pro 3D Printer

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