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Arcam EBM Q10plus

The Arcam EBM Q10plus is our electron beam machine originally designed for cost-efficient production of orthopedic implants. It has a small footprint & features a high resolution & optimized surface finish.

Electron beam melting (EBM) technology has the power to help businesses build the next generation of applications, today. Offering high productivity & lower cost per part, EBM is an innovative technology for manufacturing in orthopedic implant & aerospace industries.

Meet the machine designed specifically for the medical industry

The Q10plus is a metal additive manufacturing machine that uses electron beam melting technology for manufacturing of medical parts. Utilizing a high-temperature vacuum environment allows for the processing of reactive materials and reduces residual stresses and porosity. The unique stacking ability of the Arcam EBM Q10plus maximizes the capacity of the build chamber and enables efficient production of orthopedic parts.

Higher Productivity

Higher productivity In addition to enhanced precision and process robustness, Arcam EBM Q10plus offers high productivity. This is made possible by many important new features, including groundbreaking Arcam xQamtm technology for high precision autocalibration, a powerful new software platform and electronics for efficient and accurate beam control.

Standard Implants

Arcam EBM® technology is a cost-efficient process for manufacturing both press-fit implants and cemented implants. Solid and porous sections of the implant are built in one process step, eliminating the need for expensive secondary processes for applying traditional porous materials. This also ensures structural continuity between the solid and porous sections. In addition, you can manufacture all porous implants for augments, wedges, blocks, etc.

Automatic And Intelligent

Highly automatically processing and simple reprocessing Can remote control in the same local area network Voice and SMS remind. Online laser inspection with auto-setting parameter; auto scanning path; liquid level auto control.

Patient-specific Implants

Arcam EBM® technology offers a direct “CAD to Metal™” process allowing production of patient-specific implants using data derived from Computed Tomography (CT). The CT data is used to create an exact CAD model of the desired implant. This CAD model is then used by the Arcam EBM® machine to build the actual part. It’s as easy as that.

The Arcam EBM Q10plus features:

Easy-to-use operator interface

Latest generation EB gun

Arcam EBM xQam™ for high precision autocalibration

Powder Recover System for Efficient powder handling

Software adapted to volume production

Arcam EBM Q10plus 3D Printers & AM Systems Parameter
Max. build size : 200 x 200 x 180 mm (W x D x H)
Max. Beam power : 3000 W
Cathode type Single crystalline
Min. Beam diameter : 140 um
Max. EB translation speed* : 8000 m/s
Active cooling : Water-cooled heat sink
Min. Chamber Pressure : 5 x 10-4 mbar (chamber pressure before start of process)
Build atmosphere : 4 x 10-3 mbar (partial pressure of He)
He consumption, build process : liter/hour
He consumption : 50-75 liters / build
Power Supply : 3 x 400 V, 32 A, 7kW
Size : 2060 x 1066 x 2608mm (W x D x H)
Weight : 1681 kg
CAD interface Standard : STL


Perhaps the most immediate and life-affirming industries currently benefiting from 3D printing are the medical industries. The most common application may be the use of a patient’s medical imaging data, such as a CT scan, to create a 3D-printed medical model.


Education now finds a real meaning with the engineering practice and occupational skills training designed to build platform for innovative and efficient design. The process now provides student with the space for stimulating new originality and innovation, the design tools for transformation of concept sketch or real objects to 3D digital model, hardware support for getting 3D data from products, the intelligent manufacturing system that creates physical model from digital model quickly, and the manufacturing support for realizing small batch production of products.

Batch Manufacturing In Medical

Excellent Material Properties - Controlled microstructure, Better than cast, Compliant with applicable industry standards, Cost-Efficient Production, High productivity and Material recycling

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